I built this bike in the spring of 2018 to commute to work more quickly. At the time my commute was 26 miles round-trip. This bike let allowed me to travel the 13-mile one-way trip only five minutes slower than traveling by car. Here are some pictures!

The build is a mid-drive BBS02 kit which has a power rating of 750W. Mid drives allow the use of the bike’s gear set and drive train, while keeping the weight more evenly distributed in the center when compared to hub motors. On this bike I usually ride around 20 to maximize battery life.

I rewired the motor’s terminations with crimp connections to an XT90 connector because, on one of the last days I commuted on this bike before the pandemic, the previous connector shorted out on my way home and I had to pedal this enormously heavy beast without assistance that day. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes compared to the usual 35 minutes.

These connectors are terrible and I don’t use them anymore.

The battery is a 52V lithium ion pack from Lunacycle. I think it’s around 16 A-h.

The rear rack has hooks for a surfboard which allow me to get to Palm Beach without having to pay for parking.

I also have a trailer setup that I use to go fishing or to carry around other random gear.

This is not me, this is my friend Bradley who came to visit and go fishing. Hi Bradley!

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