Fun Tidbits!

No project here, just some fun things I have been thinking about. The first one comes from Georgia Tech Craig, who sent me this website:

Only at Tech

Reminds me of a lot of things that I do and kind of makes me want to be a student at Georgia Tech. Which happens a lot more than I think people realize. After all, Clemson is just Georgia Tech lite, with women. Any way, this site reminded me of some things that I have done that were “only at tech” moments:

My roommate Craig (not from Georgia Tech) and I used to lift weights fairly regularly. He’s a bigger guy than me even though I’m about a foot taller than he is, and he can bench press slightly less than double what I can. So one night I spent the evening calculating our power-to-weight ratios to make myself feel a little better about this. Since I’m about 30 pounds lighter AND my arms are longer so I do more work since I lift the weights farther, I figured this would work out in my favor. Craig’s was 8 watts per kilogram and mine was 5.5 watts per kilogram, which I guess is good because it’s more than half of Craig’s.

The other good one was dealing with the doors in Riggs Hall, Clemson’s electrical engineering building. They all have signs that say “FIRE DOOR. DO NOT IMPEDE.” So I thought a good idea would be to spend an entire semiconductor physics class deriving the minimum required impedance of the doors.

And, not to go into too much detail, but I also just had a 20-minute conversation with a physics professor about deriving mathematically how much more attractive redheaded girls are than non-redheaded girls. We had this conversation in the library and got some fairly odd looks, but we now have objective truth backing up something normally subjective! So that’s a bonus. I love science.

Any way, the next project is going to involve wiring my slow cooker to the internet, so stay tuned! It’s coming along nicely so far.

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