Top 11 Albums and Some Others

What five albums most influenced my life? I don’t know about influenced… but I have been thinking about that for quite a while, and while this may be a nontraditional post for this blog I think it’s worth mentioning. I couldn’t narrow it down to five, so I picked ten that changed my life most, and added one. Plus 19 honorable mentions. These are 30 albums that represent something or someone to me, and since most of the music I listen to reminds me of “oddly specific” events or people, if you listened to one of these with me or noticed me listening to it a lot chances are it reminds me of you or whatever was going on at that time. The first 11 are presented in order. No artist is represented twice (although some easily could be) and the last 19 are presented in no particular order. But! I think it will be interesting to look back on this in the future and see what I thought. Which is the point of this blog, so maybe it does fit… hmmm.
#11. Soundgarden – Superunknown
#10. Nada Surf – The Weight is a Gift
#9. Silversun Pickups – Carnavas
#8. Rage Against the Machine – The Battle of Los Angeles
#7. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
#6. Jimi Hendrix – Crash Landing
#5. Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine
#4. Third Eye Blind (self-title)
#3. 311 – Sound-system
#2. Green Day – Nimrod

#1. The Offspring – Americana

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