“…So I can winch things?”

So the last pictures of my truck’s new bumper weren’t super. So here are some great before and after shots! Also this is making me realize that maybe the 105-pound bumper and 90-pound winch squatted the suspension down a little more than I thought, so I will soon be going back in to lift it back up. Fun times!

I managed these pictures by driving in to the wildlife management area with the old bumper, taking pictures, driving out and putting the new bumper on, then driving back in, removing all the leaves from the trees. trying to get in the same spot as before, and taking another set of pictures. It was a hard day! Also, Lake Jocassee magically fell 40 feet.

OH NO the stickers give it away! Yeah, these were taken on different days, in different seasons. You got me. Bonus: On my way back to Tennessee some old guy mistook my truck for a racing vehicle of some sort because of all the stickers. That’s a victory in my book.

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