Finished with the Big Truck

Finally paid to get internet in my apartment for the first time since July 2009. Since then I’ve been rouge, updating on my phone and various other ways. Any way! I no longer have the huge Dodge 1500. I fixed the exhaust leak which was the last thing it needed, and returned it to Alabama. Success! Here are some of the pictures of the exhaust leak getting repaired.

This was the location of the leak, right where the pipe from the cat joined the pipe going to the muffler. You could hear it really well with the truck idling but the location had to be pinpointed with a stethoscope. It’s hard to see the leak because it was very small.

This picture shows the joint a little better.

Welding the leak shut on the lift.

Finished product. I also removed some metal advertisements from the dealer that were on the mud flaps. Looks a whole lot cleaner I think, and no more exhaust leak ticking! Winning.

Also I just moved to Florida and snapped this picture in a restaurant in January in Riviera Beach. It was about 70 degrees, so we went to the marina where the birds just fly around in the rafters.

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